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Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Colombus, Antigua means 'ancient' and Barbuda means 'bearded'. The British ruled from 1632 to 1981, with a brief French interlude in 1666. The islands became an independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations on 1 November 1981, with Elizabeth II as the first Queen of Antigua and Barbuda. The Right Honourable Vere Cornwall Bird Sr became the first Prime Minister.


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Redcliffe Quay

Dating back a hundred years, many of the preserved buildings in Redcliffe Quay are the original form and styles used in the inception of St. John's City.

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Heritage Quay

Antigua’s premier shopping centre, where all of our stores are completely Duty & Tax FREE for travelers! Conveniently located in the heart of St. John’s, where major cruise lines make port.

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Nelsons Dockyard

The only continuous working Georgian Dockyard in the world is still used today as a working dockyard for numerous yachts and ships. In the early eighteenth century, the British Royal Navy recognized the strategic importance of English Harbour.

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St. Johns Cathedral 

The present cathedral with its imposing white twin towers was built on a fossilized reef, in 1845, and is now in its third incarnation, as earthquakes in 1683 and in 1745 destroyed the previous structures. The iron gates on the south face of the church are flanked by pillars displaying lead Biblical figures of St John the Divine and St John the Baptist. They were taken by HMS Temple in 1756, from a French ship destined for Martinique. 

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Public Market

In the heart of St. Johns, lies the Public Market where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold daily. Small business stalls can be found upstairs selling various items such as cell phone parts, clothes, trinkets, and even an electronic repair service is available as of this writing.


90 minutes by boat, or 20 minutes by plane, Barbuda is known for its stunning beaches, some fringed with soft, pink sand, as well as caves, and exotic birds. Visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary to see the lagoon and nesting grounds - it's the second largest in the world after the Galapagos.

Jolly Harbour Marina

Saint Johns, Antigua & Barbuda


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